Medical Recommendations

Your experience during Ruta de las Iglesias 10K should be safe and memorable. This requires that you prepare as well as possible.

Part of this preparation is your health, so the first recommendation is to go to a general medical checkup known in Sports Medicine as a Pre-competition Checkup.

During this checkup, the doctor will ask you questions to determine whether or not you have risk factors, especially cardiovascular, prior to your participation in the 10K race.

If your doctor deems it necessary, he will request lab tests or any other test that may be useful to determine your level of fitness and preparedness for the race.
Once the check-up is completed you will receive the results and recommendations so that your participation is safe and you minimize any health risks. 

The second recommendation is to follow a training plan. A 10K race subjects your body to physical demands that you must build up to so that you can cover the distance comfortably and avoid injuries.

Ideally your training should take at least 12 weeks and be gradual, of progressive intensity, and in the last weeks include 10K or near to 10K runs in similar conditions to the race (night with hills) and with difficulty similar to race.

The third recommendation is that during your training you listen to your body. Take into account possible warning signs, especially chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness or any other concern you may have and immediately go consult your doctor. Muscle or joint pains may also occur, which you should consider as signs to modify your training.

And finally, the fourth recommendation is that you take this challenge as a personal goal and commit yourself to this feat. The challenge can be participating for the first time, improving your time, running with your family, or any other motivation. No matter what your motivation and goals may be, you have started this challenge and your health will always be all the better because of it. Congratulations! 

Dr. Richard Cabezas
Sports Medicine Specialist