Hydration Belts

How do you hydrate during a race or while training? Most competitions have hydration points for the competitors.

However, hydration during trainings was hard to achieve up until a few years ago.

The hydration belts appeared at the end of the 90’s in the United States. They have quickly become an athlete’s best friend when it comes to running long distance races; whether they are marathons, triathlons, or adventure races.

The hydration belts are more comfortable to run with than "camelbacks", which are used when riding bicycles; and they come in different models, designs, colors, and number of bottles.  It is recommended to fill them with water and an energy drink in the same amount. It is important to alternate between water and energy drink, since water doesn’t replenish the minerals that are lost with sweat.

For those who don’t use hydration belts, there are hand bottles that are easy to handle while running. The important thing is to keep the body hydrated to improve the performance and avoid cramps or dehydration.

You have to remember to hydrate the days before the race, as well as eating healthy food and getting enough rest to achieve an adequate performance the day of the race.